Australian Passports

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Australian Passports Online:

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The report contains 34 visa pages(42 pages in general). Australian visas will be archived granted to Australian residents in accordance with the Australian Passports. The Australian Passport Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The Act is applicable both in Australia as well as abroad, this permits the identification card to travel across the world.

Australian residents are able to carry travel documents from other countries. Since the 24th of October, 2005 Australia has issued only biometric travel documents, referred to as ePassports with an embedded microprocessor that has the exact home information on the page with the shaded photograph of the visa. It also contains an image that has digitalizing.

As all international IDs have expired All Australian passports are now biometric. The chip that is install holds the owner’s digital photo as well as name as well as sex information, date of birth and ethnicity, ID number, as well as the visa expiry date. This is the exact information that appears on the print page of data of every visa.


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